4 Reasons to Book the BMW 740i


Take Luxury and Presentation to the Next Level

Car service is a wonderful convenience and luxury; you don’t have to worry about safety, parking or navigating. All you have to do is enjoy the ride. Knowing when to book your car service is one element of the process; knowing which vehicle to choose is another.

With a company like THINKLimo, you have plenty of options when it’s time to select your car service vehicle. From luxury sedans to sleek SUVs, stretch limousines and more, THINK strives to provide our customers with the quality and selection they deserve, regardless of the nature of their occasion.

The BMW 740i is a member of our fleet that our customers find especially luxurious; here are just a few reasons to consider booking the 740i for your next trip.

Make a Statement

The BMW provides our clients with a level of luxury that can’t be attained with just any old vehicle. The sleek lines, superior engineering and overall high class experience of this vehicle makes it perfect for exceptionally special nights out, important client dinners or high-profile galas or social outings where you need to make an entrance.

Enjoy More Space

The last thing you need during an important client outing is to feel that the car you’ve booked isn’t big enough. Feeling comfortable, both in terms of space and seating, is important to truly enjoying your car service experience. The BMW 740i has an average of 4 extra inches of leg room to ensure that your ride is accommodating and comfortable, no matter the occasion.

Luxurious Leather Interior

When you need to make an impression, the 740i and its immaculate leather interior are at your service. The beauty and elegance of this car’s interior will ensure that your event transportation has that extra dose of luxury and comfort, and that your guests

Privacy and Discretion

The privilege of being able to travel discreetly is important to many executives and other travelers. The BMS 740i provides superior privacy and discretion, with its state-of-the-art tinted windows.

Regardless of your next event or occasion, booking the BMW 740i can add a dose of luxury and effortless class to your transportation. The beauty and performance of the vehicle, combined with the luxurious leather interior, extra leg room and rear temperature controls, can help create the car service experience you’ve always wanted.