Meet your Chauffeur: Raymond Roberts

THINKLimo chauffeurs go above and beyond to provide exceptional service to their passengers.

When he’s not teaching music to Milwaukee high-school students, Raymond Roberts provides corporate business travelers with a delightful transportation experience. It’s a summer occupation that he enjoys as much as his full-time career as a teacher. In both cases, he provides top-notch service to two very different types of clientele.

“My passenger at that moment is the most important person I’m working for,” notes Raymond. “Their needs are my primary concern. It’s the same with teaching. I want every single child to feel they have the same experience and are receiving the same service as every other student, even in a choir class of 100.”

Raymond finds it rewarding to be the person who puts tension at ease, getting people where they need to be – on time. “I enjoy taking the pressure off my customer.”

Emphasizing passenger comfort, productivity and enjoyment, Raymond makes his chauffeur driven service a pleasure for every client. Striving to give all of his passengers an “upgraded experience,” Raymond demonstrates his care and commitment to go the extra mile, creating memorable moments whenever he can.

“I transport a number of foreign passengers,” Raymond shares, “and I like to take the time to find out the correct pronunciation of their name beforehand. When I pick them up, I greet him or her in their native language.” Raymond finds this gesture immediately puts passengers at ease, especially first-time visitors to the United States.

He takes care of everything

From the moment Raymond meets his client until they part ways, this chauffeur specializes in quality customer care – ensuring no detail is overlooked. He anticipates client needs and places passengers in control of the conversation by expertly listening to verbal cues.

Raymond happily accommodates requests for anything a passenger might need, saving his client from having to find basic necessities on their own. When one client needed toiletries for her hotel stay, Raymond didn’t hesitate to stop at a drugstore so she could purchase the necessary items. He even directed the grateful client to the appropriate side of the store for the things she needed. Simple gestures like these make Raymond’s passengers appreciate his services even more. “I make sure passenger needs are met without making them feel it’s an infringement on another person’s ride.”

A wealth of knowledge

Raymond enjoys interesting chats with passengers from all over the world. He shares useful and entertaining tidbits when appropriate, such as discussing Milwaukee’s German culture with two German clients on a trip back to O’Hare. Clients relocating to Milwaukee often seek Raymond’s advice about local schools and appreciate his first-hand knowledge of the educational landscape and other details that he can provide about the area.

“Passengers find it easy to relate to me,” says Raymond. “I think it’s because we’ve all been connected to a teacher at some point in our lives.”

Raymond also makes a point of knowing things about the company his passenger is traveling for, especially if that person is in town for an interview.  “Clients find it helpful to learn more about the company’s role in the community.”

Raymond is sometimes requested by name, and for those passengers he knows well, he might make special arrangements. “I may text a passenger to let them know I’m here to pick them up, or ask if there’s anything they need when they arrive so I can get it ahead of time.” He’ll also have their preferred type of drinking water on-hand.

Understanding the ups and downs of travel, Raymond tracks flights closely and always aims to accommodate his clients, no matter what the situation. “I never view late flights or other travel setbacks as an inconvenience,” he says. “It’s just part of the job.”

After facing grueling delays, a passenger is grateful to find their chauffeur is there waiting with a smile. Erasing any frustrations a client may have upon arrival, Raymond makes the last leg of their journey a positive one.

Much more than just a driver, Raymond’s professionalism and service excellence always result in a ride that’s as perfect as possible. “I want to make every person in my charge feel important and taken care of.”

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