Driven To Make a Difference

At THINKLimo we believe in the importance of giving back. And pushing forward. That’s why we’re proud to shed the light on some of the efforts we’ve taken as a company to improve our company, our community and our world.

Going Green

You can’t spend as many hours on the road as we do without thinking about the impact of vehicle emissions. To ensure that we’re good stewards of the environment, we’ve taken several steps to curb our emissions and reduce our carbon footprint. Starting with the cars we put on the road.

THINKLimo Responsibility Hands

Our Fleet

Behind our black cars, you’ll find a lot of green thinking, including the new ultra-fuel-efficient vehicles we’ve been adding to our fleet. These impressive vehicles are part of an overall plan to cut our CO2 emissions in half. And that plan doesn’t end with technological improvements. We also work with our drivers to encourage green driving behaviors through comprehensive training and performance-based incentives.

Our Plant

In recent years we’ve brought that thinking home, updating our corporate headquarters using a variety of green building methods. In 2002, we eliminated 50% of our asphalt surfaces, reducing the impact of rain run-off and creating grassy areas that improve the local habitat.

A Different Kind of Environment

It’s not just the outdoor environment that we’re concerned about. At THINKLimo, we’ve worked hard to create a great working environment, implementing a strict code of ethics to ensure that we treat all of our employees — and the companies we serve — with honor and respect.

We encourage our employees to make a difference in their local communities. And through our Upgrading Experiences initiative, we encourage them to take that same approach with their customers, making every contact a positive one.

We’ve also worked hard to implement high ethical standards behind the scenes, building a high degree of accountability into our systems to ensure that our reports are accurate and honest.

THINKLimo Driver

Leading by Example

We don’t just encourage our employees to be exemplary citizens. We show them how it’s done, providing service packages for charitable fundraisers, donating to worthy causes and developing programs to manage community investment outside of our regular philanthropic efforts.