Be On Your Way, With No Delay. THINKCity2City.

Imagine this Holiday season scenario.   You are about to fly from Milwaukee to Indianapolis.  There are no direct flights from Milwaukee so you will have to build in a layover or stop. You get to the airport two hours before your flight, park your car and get into the terminal only to find out the flight is canceled.  Which means you’ll miss your connecting flight.  You finally make it to Indy, only to find out your baggage has been lost.  

Traveling is supposed to be easy, hassle-free, but in today’s travel environment, this scenario is not far-fetched.  And at the end of the day, this trip may have cost you hundreds of dollars and several hours of productive time.  

THINKLimo has a program that will eliminate the unknown of commercial flying. THINKCity2City. This program offers you a flat rate transfer from door to door and city to city anywhere in North America.  No waiting in terminals. No canceled or delayed flights. No lost luggage. No parking fees. Yes, hassle-free.

Our chauffeurs are highly trained and fully vetted professionals that will pick you up at your home or business, take you to your locations, – no matter where – stay with you as you direct, even for overnights, then return you back home.  

One of our THINKCity2City clients, Brian Fielkow had this to say about our service. “When you talk about regional destination trips, there is no better way to travel than driving.  I get picked up at home.  If I’m running late, I don’t worry about missing a flight.  I’m in control of the schedule.  With the WIFI in the vehicle we were able to get a lot of prep work done on the way.  We even had a chance to stream a movie.  And when we needed to stop and stretch our legs we did.”  

Brian goes on to say, “When I travel with another person, there are big cost savings versus flying. And our trip to South Dakota took almost the same amount of time as it would if we had flown.   All things equal, cost and time, I would always lean towards driving.  It was a very pleasant and relaxing experience. I would recommend it to everyone.”

Whether it is a business trip, a family getaway, or you’re just trying to get home for the Holiday…THINKCity2City.  Give us a call at 855-455-8434 and be on your way, with no delay.