It’s A Home Run!

This time of year is always exciting for Milwaukee Brewer fans. If you’re thinking about attending a game and/or planning a group outing, both home or away… THINKLimo.

As true Homers, we know that attending a Brewer game is about more than just the game. It’s about the entire package – the atmosphere of the ballpark, the tailgating, and the joy of spending time with your fellow fans. That’s why we offer transportation service to get you to and from the game safely and comfortably, without any of the stress or hassle of navigating traffic or issues with parking.

There is probably nothing worse than sitting in traffic on your way to the game with nothing to do but think about the fun you could be having at the tailgate. You’re home free when you leave the traveling hassles, traffic, and parking to us while you and your guests sit back and enjoy the ride.

Traveling with THINKLimo you’ll have home field advantage. There might be nothing better than a SUV or transit van ride to the ballpark.   The SUV will fit up to 5 people comfortably and the luxury van accommodates up to 14 passengers and both are priced the same.

Thinking bigger?  Think premium mid-size coach that accommodates 20-40, or premium full size motor coaches that accommodates up to 55 of your closest friends.  You can make yourself at home in our Luxury Motor Coach. This vehicle features; best in class seating for more legroom, total passenger WiFi, a high-end stereo & PA system, six 15″ LCD wide-screen HD monitors, individual food/table trays, USB outlets in each row and a lavatory.  And as the old saying goes…go big or go home.

And remember, the Crew has 81 home games, so you can take advantage of their Theme and Community Nights, some of the promotional giveaways or sample the brand-new Sunday Fun-Day Bundle… a perfect fit to our SUVs or 14 passenger vans.

Tommy Lasorda once said, “baseball is like driving, it’s the one who gets home safely that counts.”  We ensure a safe and sober ride both to and from the ballpark from anywhere in Wisconsin. You and your friends can tailgate before then cheer on The Crew during the game and not worry about how you’ll be back safe at home!

Looking to see the home team on the road?  We can do that, too.  Chicago, St. Louis, Cincinnati, Pittsburgh…any road game you have in mind, we will be your home away from home.  

So when you’re thinking about a home game or road trip…THINKLimo. Just call or text us at 414-482-9950 for a quote.