Debunking The Myths

When you hear the word limousine, chances are you think prestige, class, elegance, and/or wealth. You picture a famous person in a fancy car with a chauffeur.  That may have been the way it was, but, not so much any more. 

Many people have not considered hiring a limousine/car service for business meetings, special occasions, cross-country trips or every family getaways because of prevalent myths associated with limousine services. Here are just a few common misnomers about the industry we’d like to debunk.

To Expensive
Limousine/car services can be very affordable. Hiring a luxury car service is achievable for anyone, and it’s a nice luxury for special events and business travel.  As a matter of fact, at THINKLimo, all our Sedans, SUVs and 14-passenger vans are priced exactly the same.  So whether two of you are going to dinner and a show, or you’re taking a small group of people to a sporting event…it can be a huge cost savings.

Only High-Profile Clients
There is no truth to the rumor that only high-profile individuals use a luxury car service. While some celebrities and executives do depend on us, the fact of the matter is a majority of our clients are normal people just like you and me. 

No Customization
Another misnomer is that all limousine services operate the same way, and as a result, there is no customization. In truth, THINKLimo offers a variety of services based on exact needs, and group size. In other words, tell us what you need, and we’ll get it done for you.

Special Events Only
Although many people commonly hire limousine services for big events such as weddings and proms, our ground transportation services can be enjoyed for any reason. Whether you need a ride to the airport or to an important meeting, or you’re out for a night on the town, you can arrive safely and in style. And with our extensive fleet, we can accommodate 2-55 passengers.

Local Transportation Required
Although most clients book trips inside the city or state, our chauffeur can drive you virtually anywhere. If you’re planning a weekend getaway or have an important meeting out of state, we can get you there and back with our THINKCity2City program – a flat rate transfer from door to door service.  And chances are if your traveling with two or more people it will be a lot less expensive than if you flew commercially.

So if you still think hiring a luxury vehicle is not for you…think again, and call THINKLimo.
414.271.Limo or toll free 855.455.8434.