Driven to Please: What Makes A Great Chauffeur

A good limousine service goes beyond having a luxurious vehicles.  In fact, the service given during the ride should be as important as the vehicle itself.  When people invest in a car service, they are looking for quality customer service as well.   What sets the average limousine companies apart from the excellent ones is most often their drivers.  Here are just a few qualities every great chauffeur should have.

Safety first. Clients, chauffeurs and operators all agreed this was non-negotiable. Good command of the vehicle is always essential.   A chauffeur-driven journey’s success should be judged by smiles per hour not miles.  All agreed, speed does not make a safe driver. The only performance measurement would be the smoothness of the acceleration and deceleration. Good car control, attention, awareness and unflappable cool are vital elements for a great chauffeur. 

Punctuality. A good chauffeur is never late. Proper preparation and planning are essential. A great chauffeur will allow generous amounts of time between clients. Plenty of time to arrive at every destination early. Sometimes this can help the client too, for example, if the client has a last-minute change of plan.  Like safety, punctuality is paramount for any chauffeur.

 Discretion. A chauffeur will often drive business leaders and celebrities. Discretion is crucial. A great chauffeur will never share who, what, and where. Whatever is said in or out of the vehicle goes no further.  For many clients, discretions will be number one in a list of desirable chauffeur qualities.  Confidentiality is one of the main reasons why someone might choose a premium private service.

Keep Calm Under Pressure.  On any given day, a chauffeur might be dealing with unexpected traffic on the highway, tightly wound executives, or a nervous bride.  A great chauffeur will have nerves of steel and the ability to handle any situation calmly. 

Knowledge Of the Area. Yes, GPS devices are widely available these days – but nothing replaces a good sense of direction. A good chauffeur would have firsthand knowledge of the area and will stay on top of any major road construction projects or other events that may impact your journey.  A great chauffeur should also know the local roads well enough so that they can select the fastest routes to get their guests to their destinations on time. A great chauffeur would not only know the way around but also where to get the best steak dinner.

Presentation. Clients expect a chauffeur to be well presented. Good personal grooming and the preparation of the chauffeur vehicle are essential.  A sharp suit, crisp shirt, tie and polished shoes are the standard chauffeur uniform. 

Personality.  People skills are as important as driving ability. Someone who is both relaxed and quietly confident.  A good chauffeur is someone a client is comfortable being around.

Be Humble. Having a modest level of one’s own importance is always a good trait in any profession.  Customers need their space and interfering without invitation is not good practice. These skills are what great chauffeurs possess naturally. Some aspects can be taught, but for the most part there are natural personality traits that set some apart from others. 

Knowing when to talk.  A chauffeur should enjoy interacting with people and providing them with excellent customer service.  Chauffeur should be pleasant, polite, and know when to make conversation with passengers and when to let them ride in peace. Knowing when to talk, joke or stay quiet is one of the key characteristics of the best chauffeurs.

Attention To Detail. A great chauffeur will anticipate passengers’ needs and plan accordingly. For example, a thoughtful chauffeur will have umbrellas, tissues and hand sanitizer ready in case passengers need them. A chauffeur should also ensure the climate control systems are always in good working order so that passengers will never be too hot or too cold when they’re in the vehicle.

Driven by Passion.  So, a great chauffeur is safe, punctual, well-presented, discrete and has great attention to detail. But the icing on the cake is passion. Their joy at doing something well.  Serving their clients the best they can. With a professional chauffeur, the journey is as important as the destination. 

So, if you think you’ve got what it takes to be a Professional Chauffeur…THINKLimo.  At THINKLimo, we’re not looking for drivers.  We’re looking for the driven — those rare, self-starting professionals who value every customer they serve and view each problem they encounter as a chance to be driven to please.  Text or call, 414-482-9950.