Game On!

The Packer season is right around the corner. You have all your game gear together.  And you’re ready to share the experience of Lambeau Field with friends and fellow fans.  But who’s driving?

If your transportation plans aren’t set, why not consider getting a ride. When you’re taking a group of Cheeseheads to a game, it’s essential that the travel there and back is as pleasurable as the game itself. Here’s why riding with THINKLimo is a great option:

Hassle-Free Trip — You won’t have to find your way to the stadium, fight traffic or look for a place to park. We’ll drop you off close to Lambeau and pick you up there afterwards.
Game Time — Getting there on time is our priority. Your’e all pumped up for the game, and you want to know you will see everything, including the coin toss. We got this. Your driver has the resources to anticipate traffic challenges and to find alternate routes to get you there on time.
Flexible Schedule — When you travel with us, you decide when you’ll leave, where you’ll go, how long you’ll stay and when you’ll go home.  We accommodate real-time adjustments to your itinerary.
Safe and Secure — You will have a trained professional behind the wheel, making it one of the most relaxing ways to travel. The secure access to your vehicle also makes it easy to monitor who comes and goes. You and your personal items will be safe and secure.
Ride in Comfort — In a motor coach seating is wide with great legroom, and the aisles are spacious and you can move about at your leisure.
Party On — The party starts long before you get to the game and you can celebrate all the way home. You can relax at the game, knowing you won’t have to get behind the wheel.
Affordable Transportation — Getting a ride with us, you can share all of the expenses of travel with fellow passengers, making it very cost-effective.
Eco-Friendly — When you ride together, it reduces the number of private vehicles on the road, lowering emissions.
Fit Your Needs —Depending on how many people are going, we can fit you to a vehicle.  If you’re traveling with four to five people, our Lincoln Navigator would be a perfect fit. 6-15 people, we’d recommend Mercedes Sprinter. Thinking bigger?  Our premium mid size coach accommodates 20-40, and premium full size motor coaches accommodate up to 56 Packer fans. Yes, we really do have you covered.
So when you’re thinking about a group road trip to Green Bay…THINKLimo. Just call or text us at 414-482-9950 for a quote.  We’d welcome the opportunity to be a part of your Lambeau experience.  Go PACK Go!