Why Is Communication Crucial for Travel Managers Looking for Transportation Providers?

Communication is key, especially when it comes to exploring travel providers. As a travel manager, one of your primary goals when vetting a ground transportation partner should be to identify the available communication channels and how they can be used to make your job easier. In addition, there are several questions you should consider when you review how a transportation company communicates with its clientele, including:

1. What are the available hours of operation for dispatch and reservations?

Travel managers want to find the best travel services available, and as a result, should search for transportation companies that offer support 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Thankfully, a top-notch transportation company is readily available to assist clients at any time – THINKLimo. With THINKLimo, travel managers can book comfortable, luxurious transportation and reap the rewards of first-rate chauffeurs as well. THINKLimo’s chauffeurs go above and beyond the call of duty and are happy to assist travelers in any way possible. Meanwhile, these chauffeurs are available at your convenience, too, and will gladly answer any questions or concerns you may have. Plus, THINKLimo’s chauffeurs are prepared to support travelers at all times and will guarantee that travel managers get the assistance they need.

2. Does the transportation company offer multiple reservation channels?

Booking travel reservations should be quick and simple. Unfortunately, this is rarely the case with some transportation companies. For example, a transportation provider that employs customer service representatives who are only available during traditional business hours can make it tough to book travel reservations on your schedule. Or checking out a transportation company that fails to provide details about all of its travel services on its website might even prove to be a waste of your valuable time. Every second counts, particularly for travel managers, and finding a transportation company that prioritizes customer service is vital; otherwise, you could be stuck with a travel service that is unresponsive. By selecting a travel service that offers multiple reservation channels, however, you can book a trip at any time. For example, THINKLimo has prioritized customer service since day one, which is reflected in its ability to serve clients worldwide. This car service ensures clients can book trips over the phone or online, and its friendly staff is always available to answer questions or concerns as well. Also, THINKLimo prides itself on taking corporate responsibility, and its employees strive to demonstrate exemplary citizenship in everything they do. THINKLimo’s staff recognizes and respects its clientele and constantly explores ways to deliver outstanding support to communities across the globe. The THINKLimo team wants travel managers to enjoy a stress-free booking experience and helps eliminate the guesswork that often comes with making travel reservations. With THINKLimo, travel managers can benefit from a streamlined booking process that takes only minutes to complete and ensures executives or other travelers can reach their final destinations quickly and safely.

3. Will you have a dedicated point of contact?

When you call your transportation provider, who will be available to assist you? A call center phone number may help you connect with customer service representatives who can offer general assistance, while a dedicated travel specialist can personalize your travel reservations to meet your specific needs. Personalized assistance is important, as offering custom support can help a travel manager differentiate himself or herself from the crowd. And with a transportation company that specializes in best-in-class client support, any travel manager can deliver amazing transportation accommodations. Getting from Point A to Point B should be nearly automatic, and having a dedicated point of contact at a transportation company ensures travelers can avoid delays or interference. If there’s ever any questions or concerns, this point of contact will be available to assist you. And if plans change at the last minute, this travel specialist is happy to provide up-to-the-second support to ensure your travel party gets where it needs to go. THINKLimo is all about personalized service, and its chauffeurs are professionally trained to support all clients. These chauffeurs also provide travel accommodations for all occasions, including: • Airport trips – Traveling to and from the airport can be tricky, which is why THINKLimo offers a professional, prompt airport car service to ensure that you arrive on time for every flight. • Business meetings – Regardless of where your business meeting is being held, THINKLimo’s chauffeurs are ready to assist you with all of your hosting and transportation needs. • Corporate events – By offering dependable corporate transportation, THINKLimo guarantees businesses of all sizes can receive reliable travel services for corporate events. And remember, THINKLimo’s chauffeurs will always be there to open doors and help with your luggage and will go out of their way to assist you with any other requests that you may have during your trip. These chauffeurs are dressed to impress too, as they wear black suits, white shirts, black ties and black dress shoes – a professional business image that THINKLimo’s chauffeurs diligently maintain every day. Choose a transportation provider that’s available when you need it – THINKLimo. This car service delivers results for its clients consistently and can make it easier for any travel manager to book travel reservations.

Photo Credit: Fred Benenson