So…It’s The Big Day.

So many details need to go into a wedding. And you certainly have a lot to do for the big day.  One consideration to take off your plate, is the convenience of a shuttle service for your bridal party and guests.
Your Guests
A shuttle service is great to have if people are coming from out of town. Someone flying in has the hassle of going through the airport, claiming their baggage and finding the way to the hotel or reception. It can be nice to relieve these guests a little bit by taking care of transportation from the airport. Your guests will definitely be thankful they do not have to grab an Uber or rent a car on their own. You can have them delivered safely to the hotel and to the service and reception if need be.
Picture This
Your bridal party is going for pictures after the service. You have the location and a time slot set.  You need to make sure you stay on schedule.  You could ensure this with a luxury van or limo bus to transport the bridal party together, having a great time along the way. Travel in style, stay on schedule and get some amazing life-long memories.  Nothing could be better.
Let The Good Times Roll
The actual wedding might be at one location, but you plan on having  the reception somewhere else. Trying to tell everyone where they need to drive can be a hassle.  And, if they are coming from out of town, you don’t want them to get lost.   A shuttle from the service to the reception and back to the hotel will ensure the good times keep rolling.
From a fourteen passenger luxury van to a limo bus or motor coach, we’ve got you covered with first-class amenities.  So, as you think about your big day…THINKLimo. Text or call, 414-482-9950.