THINKLimo Adds Two Luxury Motor Coaches to its Fleet

THINKLimo Luxury Motor Coach

Need corporate transportation for a large group? THINKLimo invites you to enjoy a luxurious motor coach experience headed up by your own personal and attentive chauffeur. Leave the driving to a trustworthy THINKLimo professional who will cater to any client objective – so you can sit back and relax, have some fun, or get down to work.

Having recently expanded its fleet with the addition of two new luxury motor coaches, THINKLimo now has the ability to transport a large group while providing the same exceptional one-on-one customer service typically reserved for smaller parties.

THINKLimo clients are loving the brand-new 56-passenger buses, which are perfect for transporting large groups of corporate clientele in style. From a board of directors meeting to a sporting event, it’s the ideal mode of transportation for a variety of corporate functions. A local corporation has already reserved one of the coaches for the entirety of next year’s Packer season.

“These motor coaches give us the flexibility to accommodate sizable groups, augmenting our airport transfer and small group services,” says THINKLimo president and owner, Peter Browne.

The new buses are great for shuttling people between business affairs, such as a dinner venue and meeting location or transferring big groups from a hotel or airport to a company facility for tours, training and more.

Beautiful inside and out

The motor coaches feature upgraded interiors accentuated by superb comfort and technological conveniences. “Wi-Fi is a must,” says Peter, “and we have USB recharging outlets in every row of seats and routers to easily handle a substantial amount of broad band traffic.”

Upon entering the motor coach, passengers are greeted by an elegantly curved stairwell and wood-grain floors. The high-end seats featuring a three-point buckle system take bus comfort to a whole new level. Efficiently designed to consume less space, the seats also offer more leg room and reclining capability compared to other bus styles.

Television monitors placed strategically throughout the bus contribute to a spectacular entertainment system, while the PA system enables a guide to communicate with passengers via wireless microphone. The bus also offers ample storage space, independent reading lights, and a lavatory.

“They’re advanced machines,” notes Peter. For example, the bus features proactive mechanical detection in which sensors send alerts to THINKLimo and the manufacturer if a potential problem arises. In addition, the coach’s “kneeling” feature allows the driver to control the height of the bus in relation to the ground, making it easy for any passenger to get on and off. The vehicle’s sleek interior is complemented by an equally sexy exterior. Shiny and black, the bus bestows an air of corporate distinction.

The chauffeur advantage

When you’re accustomed to receiving customer-focused attention from a well-trained and professional chauffeur, you shouldn’t expect any less when utilizing a bus service. Courteous and respectful, THINKLimo chauffeurs are always attentive to client needs, but never invasive.

“At THINKLimo, we meet or exceed the high expectations of corporate clientele every day,” shares Peter. “Our business is built around customers who appreciate and demand a high level of service.”

Companies with bus fleets often have more school buses than any other vehicle. Their expertise is built around that segment rather than VIP corporate transportation. Whereas, THINKLimo is the opposite, providing a higher degree of professionalism than what you might experience from the average bus operation.

THINKLimo also saves you the time and inconvenience of being shuffled through the reservation process in an unrecognizable fashion. “We know our clients well and anticipate their needs so we can get right down to business,” says Peter.

Wisconsin’s busy upcoming golf calendar will also be well served by THINKLimo’s new bus service. “We’re prepared to get our clients around in hassle-free luxury,” affirms Peter.

Home to some of the country’s most beautiful golf courses, we see major tournaments coming to Wisconsin in 2017. This year, the best male, female and senior golfers will all tee up in the Badger state as it hosts the U.S. Open, LPGA and Champions Tour tournaments, among others. “During these events, every vehicle in the area is booked,” explains Peter. “Many of our group vehicles are already spoken for during this timeframe.”

By applying its elite small-group customer experience to a large-capacity format, THINKLimo can help you fulfill all of your corporate travel needs – both large and small.