Within an Hour of Appleton

Looking for something exciting to do within an hour of Appleton, Wisconsin? There’s a website that can help the search; withinhours.com.  Put in your location and distance you want to travel, and a number of great suggestions will be made. While you’re at it…why drive? Enhance this experience with door-to-door service from THINKLimo for your adventure. Here are some gems within an hour of Appleton worth the visit.

A little over 60 miles north of Appleton is the beautiful resort area of Sturgeon Bay, WI.  Historic charm and the natural beauty of a strategic shipping corridor is Sturgeon Bay, Door County’s world-renowned shipbuilding hub. From thousand-foot lakers to small bass-fishing boats, this community’s heritage is all about boats and water. You can visit the acclaimed Door County Maritime Museum or admire the historic Michigan Street Bridge. Visitors can feast their eyes on historic fishing tugs or the jaw-dropping enormity of container ships. But Sturgeon Bay offers much more than looking: here lies the heart of the county’s music scene, a vibrant arts mecca, and historic shopping districts laden with dining, pubs, and cozy coffee shops. An amazing place to visit for the nautical at heart. 

If you’re looking for a wildly good time visit Shalom Wildlife Zoo, in West Bend, just  60 miles south of Appleton. ​​​​​​ Home to 75 species and more than 750 animals. Shalom offers a unique twist from a typical zoo experience.  Many animal residents have large natural habitats, which gives you an atmosphere more like a park.  Dubbed “America’s largest petting zoo”, you’ll have the chance to pet and feed many different species. Herds of bison, deer, elk, mountain sheep, wolves, tigers, bears, cougars, zebras, and camels are just a few of the animals you’ll see as you navigate the zoo.  With four miles of gravel roads running through the zoo will allow you to walk or drive-thru – most definitely a wild time for the whole family. 

And if you’re looking for an arts & cultural experience or touring a few craft breweries, just blaze the trail to Stevens Points, just 60 miles west of Appleton.  You can explore Stevens Point art & culture, from galleries and museums to performing arts, culinary arts and more.  Throughout the year, you can attend live theater and dance performances, take in the local music scene (including the Central Wisconsin Symphony Orchestra), explore galleries and see local artists in action.  Visit, tour and sample at craft breweries in the area. First stop, Stevens Point Brewery, a local staple since 1857. Then venture to Amherst to explore the sustainable brewing practices at Central Waters Brewery. And in Plover, check out the expansive Tap Room at O’s Brewing Company.  A brewery fan’s ultimate getaway. Yes, there’s always exciting adventures within an hour of Appleton.  And we can take you there.  Just call or text us at 414-482-9950.  When you’re thinking about your next road venture from Appleton …THINKLimo.